Monday, June 30, 2008

My hero!
We came home Saturday evening and I went to shut the garage door, when I saw a Humming Bird fluttering around. Who knows how long he was stuck in the garage but he was exhausted. I called Austin and he came and picked it up. The poor little thing had cob-webs all around his feet and beck and was panting so hard he just laid in Austin's hand. His little feet were so small Austin was afraid he would pull them off while trying to clean off the webs. In the mean time we got to look at the littlest most beautiful bird up close. Austin got him free and he flew off. What a great guy!! They are so pretty. I have had a Humming Bird feeder for a couple of years but this year they are everywhere.

Posing in the backyard.

My cutie patootie!

My beautiful girl!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today was Ashlynn's graduation from Kindergarten. What a pretty girl.
They had a "America" program instead of the traditional one.

I think she was a little bored!!

I love my country!!

YEA!!!!! She did it!!!!!

All done.

Jeremy is all ready for the prom. Doesn't he look handsome?