Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pics.
These are some favorites to. We all went fishing at the pond behind our house. At first I was kind-of nervous because of the BIG horses and my children being so small but they did fine. It was so amazing to see these huge horses next to my 1 year old and he didn't even care. He just giggled and thought they were funny. Ashlynn, of course, just loved it. Loving horses the way she does she wanted to ride them.

This is the mommy horse, the one with the white on her head, coming to check Ben out. I don't know her name. I just call her mommy horse because she is always pregnant.

Mommy horse checking Ben out even more!!

Austin is holding the fish on the line so the kids can get a good look. Ben didn't like the feel to much!
One of the Belgians watching Ben throw rocks into "his" pond!

I was just going through some of my pictures and found a few I just love. Where does time go???

Austin took Ashlynn to the park when I was in the hospital having Ben and snapped this pic. Isn't she beautiful??

One of the few times Ashlynn wanted to hold Benjamin. She is still making him cry.HEHE!

This pic was taken not to long after we moved to WV. It was taken at a park in PA called "Ohio Pyle".

The water rapids at "Ohio Pyle". Alot of people go white water rafting.

I love this one. Ben had just eaten his cereal before going to bed. Do you think he's going to pop??