Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Family Day at Laurel Caverns

Going into the Big Black Hole....

and going further down.....

I thought this looked like a face....

Isn't neat?

Sooo pretty...

Our cute kiddos....

Our other cute kiddo....

Mommy, look water.

United Flight 93 Memorial

I'll let this pic speak for its self.....

This is a piece of steel from the Twin Towers. Notice the emblems in each letter or number. U...WTC(World Trade Center), A...Flight 93 in PA, 9...Pentagon

The church that has a memorial garden

This is what it looks like at the Memorial of Flight 93. All those pews have the names of the crew on them.

The "wall" where people can leave whatever they may want to. We saw hats, shirts, baby toys, lip gloss, just about anything and everything. It was so neat to walk around and look at all the things. The security officer said they come around every week and clean things off and within a few days it is all covered again. They have kept everything that has been left.

Second side of the wall.

The field where the plane went down. It is totally fenced in and only family is allowed down there. It is considered a "mass grave".

It is amazing to see this place. You kind of forget about what happened during your day to day life. When you visit a place like this it really makes you remember what actually happened to our country!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jeremy's Graduation

Here they come!

The school mascot. "The Preston Knight"

There he is.....

Soooo excited......

Pic of the whole class!

A little blurry....but look at that smile!

Aaaaalllllll done!

Jeremy and his girlfriend, Leila.

Family picture....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JROTC Banquet

Family picture after the ceremony. Jeremy has so many medals I thought he might fall over. LOL

Our kids......

Jeremy and his 1st Sgt.

Jeremy and David doing their "gun thingy"

Jeremy doing the Color Guard and of course talking to a girl!

Senior Prom

Jeremy all dressed up.........

This "smerk" reminds me so much of when he was little......sigh!

Jeremy with his best bud Corey.