Monday, November 17, 2008

American Girl

AAAAHHHHHH! These pictures are out of order. Oh, well. Anyway, Ash has been asking and asking since August, I think, for an American Girl doll. She would go to the web-site and look and look. So, we surprised her with her very own "Just Like You" from the American Girl collection. She was so excited. I don't think she has put her down since she got her. Ashlynn even wanted to take her to school. She has named the doll "Ashlynn" since it does look like her. She now wants everything for the doll. Oh my, what have I started. So, we have had a little talk and we said that it would be a reward system and for her to save her money and then she can buy what she wants. We will seeeeee....

Ben and Ash checking out the new doll. Ben was very curious about it.

She was so excited!

Look what I got!


Ashlynn turned 7

Ashlynn and her fake smile.

Yea, another horse!
and... another fake smile.

A "Wild Horsey Cake"

Say "Happy Birthday"