Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeremy's soooo exciting 18th birthday!

I felt so bad for Jeremy on his birthday due to me being sick with this bug that I've been fighting for the past week and he had made plans to go snow boarding with some of his buddies. Well, lets just say he didn't get to go play in the snow due to it being so warm here lately. The snow had turned to slush!!
Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking care of all of us while I was out of commission!!!

Make a Wish!

Hurry, before the ice-cream cake melts!

Everyone enjoying the yummy Carvel cake! Jeremy really, you don't have to take such BIG bites. You'll get a brain freeze!!!!

Jeremy and his best bud, Corey!!

Everyone look at me before I go back to bed!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A kind-of windy day

I know I haven't put anything on here in a few weeks so here you go.... We finally had a warm day so I bought the kids a new kite. It wasn't all that windy but you know how kids are,they just have to play with their new things RIGHT away. There was enough wind to get the kites up then down and up and down. They didn't mind though... at least we were outside right???!!!

Good job Ben!!

Way to go... Ashlynn!

Our silly boy!

Yeah, they did it!

Run Ben!

Ashlynn, how high can it go??

Flying Kites

Ben was tired of kite flying so.... he decided to take a break!


Look mom!

Ashlynn kept going and going.....
Our beautiful girl. I forgot when I took this picture that she had fallen at school and skinned up her chin and forehead. Ouch! You can bearly see it.