Friday, May 2, 2008


My husband's prize possession. This is his first turkey! He was more proud of this turkey than the day his kids were born! He has the turkey butt as a trophey on his gun cabinet. Austin cut it up and grilled it. I took a bite and spit it out. Austin ate it all.

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Adela Campbell said...

Tell that brother of mine that he needs to SMILE when a camera is pointed at him. (just incase he didn't know)lol

So glad that you finally made it. hehe Hope you are having a great time. and I am so jealous - I want to be there too.

Jennifer said...

Yea I know, he needs to smile. he is such a sour puss. He never smiles! Oh, well.
Great to see pic's of the kids. I hadn't got to see the newest addition. Toooo, cute. They are growing to fast, just like mine.

Allana Martian said...

I'm home! Just in time to head to work. Missing you all already! Hug the kids for me. xoxox

Jennifer said...

Glad your home. Miss you tooooo!!
I need your help on the blog. I finally emailed the pics' to you. I didn't know which ones you wanted. Call me when you can.