Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Proud.........

Sorry that it has taken so long to upload these but.....well you no!!!

Well we have been to Parris Island to see our "new" Marine graduate. It was wonderful to see him. Wow...what a trip! We left home at 4:30am on Wednesday and arrived at our hotel around 4:30pm. The kids did great but needless to say mommy and daddy where "pooped"!

We spent Thrusday with Jeremy on base for a few hours. We drove around so Austin could see all his old spots and then we spent most of our time in the PX. Wow....how things have changed. The PX was HUGE. Must be nice...we never had anything like that back in our day!!!! lol After we left Jeremy, we headed back to the hotel to see Papa, Grammie and Grandma who had arrived and were waiting on us at the hotel. It was so great for them to come and meet us. I know Jeremy appreciated it and so did we!!!!

Friday....what a day!!! It was full of emotion. We arrived at least an hour before the ceremony and still had to stand. There were NO seats where you could see anything. So we stood along the barrier and everything was fine.....almost! Who would have thought that people from WV would get cold in SC!!!! Well it was windy and chilly. The whole time waiting and through the ceremony....cold! but as soon as they dismissed the troops....the sun came out and warmed everything up!!!! oh well...I made it thanks to Grammie and Grandma trying their best to keep me warm!!!!!

He did it...........!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dad and I are so proud of our new Marine. I have his picture on the shelf next to Austins and PaPa's in front of them both. That makes 3 Marines in the family
My Dad, My Son, My Grandson!!! love mom

Jennifer McGregor said...

That's awesome! Congratulations to ALL of you!